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R&D TV : Episode 3

What is R&D TV?

It's a monthly technology programme made up of interviews from knowledgeable BBC developers, BBC project experts and experts from around the world.

The show comes in 3 forms.

  1. A brief 5 minute video, containing all the very best bits
  2. A longer 30 minute video, containing deeper conversations
  3. The Asset Bundle, containing everything we used and didn't use to make the videos above

We expect most people will just enjoy the videos every month, so the 5 minute and 30 minute versions will be fine. If you want to explore more or see footage which didn't make it into the cut for whatever reason, the Asset Bundle is your friend. The clips are raw straight from our cameras and although this may be too much for most people, it makes great footage for those who want to remix and mashup our footage with their own or others'.

Where do I go to download?

There are some versions to download here to get you started:

There are even more formats available on Films directory. You should download the version which your machine can play without additional software. Generally Quicktime (.mov) plays on Macs, and Mp4, Avi, and flv versions work across the board. Ogg and Matroska are new open codec/wrapper which you will need software to play. We are also going to stick the same videos on YouTube and Blip.TV. If you like the idea of subscribing to the episodes as they get released, you can now do so using the 5min RSS and the 30min RSS files. As for the Asset Bundle, well that's a lot trickier but we're hoping to host it at Archive.org alongside the next generation peer 2 peer service P2PNext and Vuse.

What's the catch?

You can watch, rip, redistribute and remix all the contents of this package under a creative commons non-commercial attribution v2 licence. We're pretty excited and ask you to please tell us what you do end up doing with the asset bundle, so we can learn what works and what does not work and fix it next time we release another asset bundle.

How do I find out more?

Because of the distributed nature of the project, we have much more information about the project, footage and people involved on our own blog. BBC Backstage which is a proud part of BBC R&D.

Looking for previous episodes?

We have moved the previous episodes,